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Prerequisites for installing the AIOS Connectivity add-on

To be able to configure the AIOS Connectivity extension, first you need to perform the steps below.

Creating an API token

Virtual Support Agent requires an API token to call Matrix42 Public API. The API token will be used to get an access token.​

To generate an API Token:

  1. Open the Administration application and go to Integration > Web Services Tokens.
  2. Run the Generate API Token action.
  3. In the wizard that opens, provide the name for token and select a user with sufficient permissions.

​Sufficient permissions are user rights to tickets (creating, changing the status), proposing KB articles, proposing services, and changing the status for orders.

  1. Click the Generate API Token button to create the token.
  2. Save the API token.

The API token must be sent later to Matrix42.

Creating ​RSA keys

RSA key pair is required in order to encrypt the JSON Web token used by Matrix42 Virtual Support Agent for sending messages to cloud AI services. ​

You can generate RSA keys using the following help links:

RSA public key must be sent later to Matrix42 in order to get Tenant ID.​

Receiving a tenant ID

To get a tenant ID required for configuring the AIOS Connectivity extension, please send the following information to ​ ​

  1. Company Name (optional)​.
  2. System URL​.
  3. Outbound System URL (in case if environment is not accessible from public internet)​.
  4. API token​.
  5. RSA public key​.

System URL and Outbound System URL are your application URL and your application URL accessible from the public internet respectively.

After receiving this information, the Sales department will provide you with your tenant ID​. When you have the tenant ID, you can proceed to installing and configuring the extension.


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