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Configuring and running the SAP Discovery data provider


To configure the SAP Discovery data provider, you will need the System Number and Client Number values.

In SAP, the client and system numbers are important identifiers used to differentiate between different instances of SAP systems and clients within those systems.

Client Number: In SAP, a client is a self-contained unit represented by an independent business entity or organizational unit. Each client has its data, customizations, and configurations. The client number uniquely identifies each client within an SAP system. Common client numbers are 000 for the SAP-delivered client, 001 for the master client, and custom client numbers created as per organizational requirements.

System Number: The system number identifies a specific instance of an SAP system within a landscape. It is a unique identifier assigned during the installation of the SAP system. System numbers typically range from 00 to 99.

To find this data in SAP GUI:

  1. Open System > Status:


  1. You can see the client number in UI while the system number needs to be extracted from the Server Name value. The server name has the following format: <host>_<SID>_SystemNumber.


Configuring the data provider

To configure the data provider:

  1. In the Administration application go to Integration > Data Providers and open the SAP Discovery data provider for editing.
  2. Create a new configuration in the Configurations grid.
  3. On the General page:
  • In the Data Gateway field, you can select a remote worker that will run the import workflow. By default, the workflow is run by the Application Server worker.
  • Make sure the Enable import checkbox is selected.
  • Use the Host field to enter the IP address of the SAP system to be scanned.
  • Enter the system number of the SAP application server in the System Number field.
  • In the Client Number field, specify which client within the SAP system should be used for the connection.
  • In the Account and Password fields, you need to provide the credentials that will be used to access the SAPControl web service interface. Make sure that the user has sufficient rights to access SAPControl.

The host, system number and client number data will be used to generate a URL for obtaining the WSDL interface definition.

  1. Save the configuration.
  2. Run the Enable and Activate actions for the data provider.

You can create several configurations to import data from multiple SAP systems.

Checking the import results

Click the configuration of the SAP Discovery data provider to open its preview. The preview displays all jobs, workflow instances and import logs for the selected configuration.

You can also review jobs, workflow instances and import logs on the Import History tab of the configuration dialog.

After the successful execution of the data provider, you can also find XML files with imported data in the Matrix42 root folder under Messages/Data/SAPDiscovery/LastResult.

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