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Architecture Overview


Marvin interacts with different products and services from Matrix42 Portfolio to implement various use cases. To deliver a solution for a users problem Marvin facilitates the Knowledge Base to find adequate solutions. Is a potential solution a service request in the service catalog, Marvin is able to order a service on behalf of the user. 

Through Marvin a user can open an incident and report a problem to a service desk agent to get proper help.

To deliver the best experience to the user Marvin always keeps the user proactively informed and notifies for any incident or order update. Also other messages (e.g. announcements) can be notified through Marvin.

This article describes the high level architecture of Marvin and integration into Service Management Platform.




The company's IT ideally manages the users device and controls access to Microsoft Teams client and the user identity. Since Microsoft O365 is in an IT managed Tenant, all sensitive data in Microsoft Teams e.g. documents, chat history and any other company owned resource is persisted in the companies Microsoft O365 Tenant. Matrix42 has no control neither possibilities to access the data.

Once the user chats with Marvin the chat history and the typed word also remains in the chat history persisted in the companies managed tenant. Marvin never stores and chat history of the user.

IT adds Marvin to their Teams Tenant as an Extension and configures the integration. Without this basic setup done by an IT Administrator, the user is not able to interact with Marvin. Only this configuration ensures users can add Marvin to their contact list and start interacting with the Bot. 

Customer Environment

The Service Management Instance grants access to Marvin to query the Knowledge Base, search the Service Catalog or interact with the Service Desk. Through connecting the Service Management Instance with Marvin through a Service User, Marvin is able to perform those actions mentioned before. Changing the privileges or deleted the Marvin configuration in the Service Management Instance will also cut the connection from Marvin to the instance and no interaction is possible anymore

Matrix42 Bot Service

The Bot Service is a public cloud service Matrix42 manages in Azure. To deliver a solution to the user's request, Marvin processes the input data through the Matrix42 Bot Services. The information entered by the user is the only information exposed to the Matrix42 Bot Services and in addition it gives access to the email address and the name of the User stored in the User profile. The processing of this data by the Matrix42 Bot Framework is relevant to interact with resources in companies Service Management Instance (e.g. Service Desk).


Marvin is able to push information to the users device. The content of the information is managed by the customers Service Management Instance itself. Since Marvin technically pushes the message to the users client, all data is transmitted and processed through Marvin

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