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Chat Features

Available commands

The only commands Marvin knows are ‘/help’, ‘/cancel’ and ‘/disconnect’. Besides the commands, Marvin works with intents. All three commands are also trained intents in the LUIS database. Means, if you type ‘I need some help.’, the help of Marvin should be prompted to the user. This is the same behavior as if a user would type the command ‘/help’.


Shows the help of Marvin.


Cancels the current conversation with Marvin.


Disconnects the user account from the Service Management. A new account linkage has to take place to use Marvin again.


There are a few intents already trained that Marvin already knows. Besides the three commands, creating an incident, querying the status of an incident, giving feedback, installation of a software product, order a product, rating a service and greeting are recognized intents.

Create incident

Creates an incident in the Service Management. Example chat: 'I want to create an incident', 'I want to report a bug'

Query the status of an incident

Queries the status of a single incident or all open incident. Example chat: 'Please show my all my incidents.', 'What is the status of INCXXXX?'

Give Feedback

Submits feedback to the creators of Marvin. Example chat: 'You are no help at all.', 'Would be cool, if you could learn this.'

Installation of a software product

Installs a software from available in the Service Management on the user's PC. Example chat: 'Hey, can you install X for me?'

Order a product

Orders a product available in the Service Management. Example chat: 'Can you buy me a Notebook?'

Detecting a problem of a user

Example chat: 'Please help me.', 'Hi, I have a problem.'


Greets the user. Example chat: 'Hello Marvin!', 'Hi'


Cancels the current conversation with Marvin. Example chat: 'Stop it.', 'This is going nowhere. Please stop.'


Shows the help of Marvin. Example chat: 'What is your job?', 'What do you understand?'


Disconnects the Teams (Azure AD) account from the Service Management. Example chat: 'Please disconnect my account.', 'Unlink my account.'

Searching for KBA (Knowledge Base Article)

If no intent matches the user input is processed and queried against the connected Service Management. If KBAs are found with the users input, they are returned in the chat.


If no KBAs are found, then Marvin tries to detect the language. If the language is supported (German or English), then the chat is assumed to be chit-chat and Marvin responds accordingly.

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