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Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are pro-active messages from Marvin for the user in the personal chat. They can be configured to be triggered by various status changes. The main use cases are Incident status changes or Order status changes.

Please make sure that all necessary requirements are fulfilled. Detail can be found in our requirements article.

Incident Status

Whenever an Incident is created with Marvin, Marvin will pro-actively notify the user in the chat, if the status of the Incident changes. Here is the scenario: A user creates an Incident via Marvin.


Incident created via Marvin

After that a Service Desk employee sees the Incident in the Service Desk application and takes over the ticket. Marvin immediately notifies the user who created the Incident about the status change. The actions taken from the Service Desk employee are as following:



Service Desk in Service Store


Take over ticket


Order Status

Also push notifications can be configured to be triggered whenever an user places an order an goes though the various steps of approval. Means, if there is a status change of an order places by an user, Marvin notifies the user in the personal chat about it.


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