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Marvin is delivered by an out-of-the-box experience and needs only a few requirements fulfilled. This article will help you to understand and ensure fulfillment of the requirements needed to use Marvin in your environment.

Matrix42 Service Management

Please ensure you have Enterprise Service Management v9.1.1 or later installed and it is accessible from the Internet. Marvin Platform is using capabilities of your Enterprise Service Management Instance to search the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog.

Matrix42 Knowledge Base

To deliver the best User Experience to your endusers the quality of your Knowledge Base Articles is crucial. A quality assured and detailed Knowledge Base will solve problems easily through Marvin.

Microsoft Azure, Teams & Office

You need to have an Azure Tenant setup and Microsoft Teams need to be rolled out and configured in your Azure Tenant (via Office Portal). Every user who should be able to interact with Marvin needs an assigned Office365 or Microsoft365 subscription and activated Teams service plan.

Matrix42 Account

At least one Matrix42 Account with administrative privileges needs to be in place to be later used to establish the connection. To create the user please access our registration page and follow the instructions.

Network configuration

Please make sure that inbound and outbound traffic to https://accounts.matrix42.com and is permitted from and to your company network.

For a more specific network configuration you should enable inbound and outbound traffic for the following IP addresses:


Also if you prefer to limit the access on your platform as much as possible, the following is a list of all endpoints used by Marvin:

Please be aware that these URLs are case-insensitive and relative to your outbound domain. A wildcard (*) means that anything can be appended to the URL. URL Parameters are also optional and can be appended to any of these URLs.

HTTP Method Relative URL
POST M42Services/api/ApiToken/GenerateAccessTokenFromApiToken
POST M42Services/api/incident/create
GET M42Services/api/activity
GET M42Services/api/catalogservices
GET M42Services/api/data/fragments/*
POST M42Services/api/ShoppingCartItems/AddDefaultServiceConfiguration
POST M42Services/api/order/CreateFromShoppingCart
POST M42Services/api/orders/createRepair
POST M42Services/api/marvinai/rasa/inference
POST M42Services/api/marvinai/kb/search
DELETE M42Services/api/marvinai/accounts/disconnect
GET M42Services/api/marvinai/license/validate



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