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Empirum Service Provisioning (Extension)

The Empirum Service Provisioning Extension allows the creation of software services from Empirum packages and provides the required provisioning workflows to enable customers to offer software services in the Self Service Portal. It replaces the formally included Empirum Connector and uses the newer DWP features to allow hybrid deployment scenarios based on Data Gateways running on Workers. The Empirum Provisioning Extension requires the Empirum Inventory and the Generic Inventory Import Extension as prerequisites. Also the UEM Extension is required as it now offers the functionality to selectively create services from Empirum software packages from the UEM software library.


Main Features

Creating Services in the Service Catalog

Two options to create new services from Empirum software packages.

  • Manually create services from Empirum packages listed in the Software package library in UEM and Service Catalog. This allows a selective service creation.
  • Automatically create services from all Empirum packages. This is usefully if many Empirum software packages should be provided as services.

Service Provisioning via Empirum

  • Provision Empirum software packages via provisioning workflows. This includes installation, repair (reinstallation) and removal of the software package via Empirum.



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