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Assigning users to Adobe Product Profiles by using services from Service Catalog

What objects are created by the Adobe Product Entitlements data provider

As a result of running the data provider, the following objects are created in Enterprise Service Management:

  • Adobe Product Profiles​ (available for selection in an Adobe service dialog)
  • Services for all Adobe Product Profiles​ (if the Enable Service Creation checkbox is selected in the data provider configuration)​
  • Service provisioning forms for above mentioned services

Automatically created services for Adobe Product Profiles are prefilled with the Provisioning – Adobe Product Entitlements provisioning workflow and a provisioning form with all required data: Identity Type (used in case of user creation in Adobe), Adobe Product Profile (recipient of this service will be assigned to this profile), and Service Connection (used for getting the token to access Adobe User Management API). 

If the Enable Service Creation checkbox is selected in the data provider configuration, the data provider automatically creates services for Adobe Product Profiles. If the checkbox is cleared, you need to create and configure such services manually.

Creating a service for an Adobe Product Profile manually

  1. In the Service Catalog application under Service Portfolio, create a new service if necessary.

For detailed guidelines on configuring a service, please see Simple Services configuration properties.

  1. Navigate to the Provisioning tab of the service and make sure the following fields are filled in correctly:
  • If you have created the service manually, select the Provisioning - Adobe Product Entitlements workflow in the Provisioning Workflow field.
  • Select the By Service Desk Staff and Self Service value in the Repair Mode and Uninstallation Mode fields if you want to be able to uninstall this service.
  • Select Adobe ID in the Entity Type dropdown field. This value will be used in case a user that is assigned to the product profile does not yet exist in the Adobe Admin Console and needs to be created.
  • Specify the required Adobe Product Profile in the corresponding field.
  • If you have created the service manually, enter Adobe (Enterprise User SDK) in the Service Connection field.


  1. Save the service.

Ordering Adobe related services

You can assign users to Adobe Product Profiles by following the standard process of assigning services in Service Catalog and ordering services in Self Service Portal.

Once the order is created and approved, the Provisioning - Adobe Product Entitlements workflow starts. It passes the relevant data to Adobe that assigns the selected user to the selected Product Profile. For uninstallation orders, the user will be removed from the Product Profile.

Provisioning process will fail if there are no available licenses and consequently the user will not be added to a Product Profile.  

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