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Creating the service connection for the Adobe Product Entitlements data provider


To maintain the security of your applications and users, all requests to Adobe I/O APIs must be authenticated and authorized using standards such as OAuth and JSON Web Tokens (JWT). To access the User Management API, you will need to obtain access credentials by creating a new project in Adobe Developer Console. Then you will need to configure the service connection in ESM. The Adobe Product Entitlements add-on already contains an Adobe service. This service is needed for creating a service connection to Adobe User Management API.

To configure the access to the User Management API, take the following steps:

  1. Configure the authentication and authorization settings for integration in the Adobe admin console.
  2. Create a tenant in Enterprise Service Management.
  3. Create a service connection in Enterprise Service Management.

A DWP subscription is required to be able to use the Adobe Product Entitlements add-on. 

Configuring the authentication and authorization in the Adobe admin console

To configure the integration settings for Adobe Product Entitlements, you will need to register your Enterprise Service Management application in the console.

Registering a project

  1. On the Adobe Developer Console home page, click Create new project.
  2. In the Get started section of your new project, click Add API.
  3. Search for and then select the User Management API.
  4. Click Next and then Generate a key pair.
  5. After downloading the key pair, click Save configured API.

 After saving you will see an overview of the credentials for your new Adobe project. Leave this page open as you will need it later to configure your tenant.

Inside the downloaded ZIP file you will a private.key file which you will need when configuring the service connection.

Creating the Adobe service manually

If the Adobe service doesn’t exist in ESM as a part of a product, it can be created manually under Integration > Service Connections > Services, using the following settings:

Attribute Value
Authentication Type JWT Authentication
Token URL
Exchange Token Body Format jwt_token={token}&client_id={client-id}&client_secret={client-secret} 
JWT Token Format iss={tenant-id}&sub={account-id}&aud={cl...p;{scope}=true
Capabilities > Scope

Creating a tenant

In Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management, you need to create a tenant for the service connection.

  1. Go to the Administration application and open the Integration > Service Connections > Tenants navigation item.
  2. Run the Add Tenant action. A new tenant dialog opens.
  3. Provide an appropriate name for your tenant.
  4. Select Adobe in the Service field.
  5. Fill in all required fields with the following data:
Field Adobe property Note
Client ID Client ID  
Tenant Organization ID  
Client Secret Client Secret Click on Retrieve client secret in the credentials overview in the Adobe Developer Console.
Account Id Technical Account ID  
Private Key private.key file which was downloaded before Copy and paste the content of the private.key file but remove the first and last line as well as all line breaks.
  1.  Save the dialog.

Creating a service connection

Next, create a service connection to your new Adobe project.

  1. In the Administration application, go to Integration > Service Connections > Connections.
  2. Run the Add Service Connection action. A new connection dialog opens.
  3. Select Adobe - Enterprise User SDK in the Service field.
  4. In the Tenant field, select the tenant record that you have created earlier.
  5. Click Setup authentication.
  6. Save the dialog.

Now you can use this service connection in the configuration of the Adobe Product Entitlements data provider.

For more information on creating and using service connections, please refer to this article

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