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Empirum Service Provisioning Release Notes

Release Notes

Version (19.3.2023) 

  • PRB37816: Make service provisioning Data provider more robust in terms of updating its location configuration.
  • Updates for changes in DWP regarding secured  data queries, filters and layouts.

Version (4.1.2023) 

  • Fixed issue with lost service bus node relation on mapped UEM Empirum software packages leads to errors when removing a package or changing the status in UEM.

Version (12.12.2023) 

  • PRB37702: No polling requests with Empirum Service Provisioning - status of installations will not get updated in ESM

Version (3.8.2023) 

  • Updated note on Empirum Service Provisioning DP edit form that it depends on Inventory DP.
  • Hide "Delete" action on Empirum Service Provisioning DP.
  • Fixed error on ESP data provider preview on DWP version < 12.0.1.
  • Improved migration wizard from legacy connector.


  • Improved migration wizard from legacy connector.


  • Fixed issue when saving configuration settings with a non English user language.


  • Initial Release
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