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Import of Empirum Packages as Services

Automatically create services from Empirum Packages

Import and update all standard Empirum software packages as Service Catalog services.


The Empirum Provisioning Data Provider allows the automated import and update of all Empirum software packages as software services in the Service Catalog. This import is scheduled and runs once a night by default.

The created raw services needs to be refined by the service catalog manager to be usable in the Service Catalog as software services in the Self Service Portal.

As an alternative to automatically create raw services from all Empirum packages the more selective approach is to use the "Create Service" action. Only the desired packages will be available as services in the portfolio.

The automated creation of services is disabled by default. This can be changed in the provisioning settings.


  • The Empirum location is configured in the Empirum Inventory Data Provider
  • The setting "Automatically create and update services from Empirum software packages?" is enabled in the configuration of the Empirum Service Provisioning Data Provider

Configuration of the import

The configuration is described here.

Running the import

The import is scheduled by an Engine Activation once a night. The default time is randomized. See the documentation for more details.

To manually start an import use the "Activate" action on the preview of the Empirum Service Provisioning extension.

Refining the raw services

Usually this service needs to be refined by the service owner and enhanced with more details like costs, graphics and more service options. See the Service Catalog documentation for more information.

Associated Empirum Location

Every service is associated to an Empirum location based on the configuration. This ensures the provisioning workflow communicates with the correct Empirum server.

When removing a configuration the associated services of this Empirum location will be set to blocked.

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