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Data displayed on Duty Roster Dashboard

Duty Roster Dashboard is an area of the Service Desk application that allows assessing and improving the team’s performance by the following key factors:

  • capacity: the dashboard visualizes the person’s workload and availability for the week;
  • bottlenecks: immediate identification and management of the overlapping tasks in the personal schedule;
  • skill-set matching: identifying and assessing how relevant were the task assignments according to the person’s professional skill.

Duty Roster Dashboard is available for the team manager (see Administration application→ Security → User Role settings → General → Managed by field)  or the delegate (for more information see Master Data application → Users → Persons settings → General → Delegate field). 

The statistics is displayed based on the created and assigned to the team work items, employees availability and their professional skills. This information is grouped in the following sections of the page:

  • Team(s) Load For Next 7 Days: a bar chart containing workload of each employee of the team, measured in %;
  • Absent Next 7 Days: displays a list of work items of an illness type and corresponding employee. Click the work item name to see more details;
  • Overlapped Work Items: shows a list of work items with time planning issues for an employee of the team. Click the item in the list to see more details;
  • Issues with Skill Matching: shows a list of work items that require a set of specific skills, but the assigned employee doesn't have the exact professional skill matching. Click the item for work item details preview.