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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Installation and activation


The Field Service Management extension needs to be installed from Matrix42 Extension Gallery.

You require a valid license (certificate) to be able to use this extension.

Activation and access rights

Once the extension is installed, the following navigation items are available in the Service Desk application:

  1. Duty Roster Dashboard,
  2. Team Duty Roster,
  3. My Duty Roster.

The Team Duty Roster and Duty Roster Dashboard navigation items are not displayed immediately.  They are available for the team managers and members of their teams who have access to Service Desk.

To configure such roles and users, do the following for a corresponding user:

  • Team manager. Go to the Administration application→ Security → User Role settings → General and assign a team manager in the Managed by field),
  • Delegate of the team manager. Go to the Master Data application → Users → Persons settings → General and assign a user in the Delegate field). 

My Duty Roster is available for any employee who was added to the user role or a group that has the team manager and has access to the Service Desk.

For additional information, see also the Page access settings for My Duty Roster and Team Duty Roster.

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