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The person configuration item stores identification data such as first name, last name, and contact information. You can enter such information as a unique staff number and the email address of each person.
For every employee of your company, a person record an at least one user account record should be registered. These configuration items are linked in such a way that each user account belongs precisely to one person, but each person can hold more than one account. The user account gives Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management the information about which person logs on.

Persons can be initially configured by an administrator in the Master Data application under Users > Persons.

Managing professional information for persons

  • Use the Manager of field to assign this person as a manager of the specified user role(s). User role are assigned to persons via the Administration application under Security > User Roles. The Manager of attribute is necessary to activate the Field Service Management tool-set in the Service Desk application. Field Service Management package is not provided as a part of the default Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management system.
  • In Service Time Profile  you can define an employee's working hours (available in the Field Service Management package only).
  • In Professional Skills select an employee's expertise areas. The skill set is taken into account when managing the employee's schedule and assigning work items. This attribute is necessary for the Field Service Management package.

Managing responsibility areas for persons

On the Accounts tab, you can define Primary Account of a user. This field is also used by the Active Directory data provider to update the employee data for this user account by using the data that is available in Active Directory/LDAP.

You can use the Organizational Unit, Locations and Cost Centers dialog pages to specify for which operating units the person is responsible for and for which ones they are listed as a delegate.

On the Contracts tab you can see all contract where this person is listed as an internal contact.

Assets where the selected person is the principal user are displayed on the Assets page.

All service bookings assigned to the selected person are shown on the Services page.

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