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Configuring and running the Microsoft 365 Licenses data provider

Setting up the configuration

To configure the data provider:

  1. In the Administration application go to Integration > Data Providers and open the Microsoft 365 Licenses data provider for editing.
  2. Create a new configuration in the Configurations grid.
  3. On the General page:
  • Select the Enabled checkbox.
  • Select the Microsoft 365 (Azure Active Directory (Application)) service connection in the Service Connection field. This value must be the service connection you have created earlier.
  • Select the Enable Service Creation checkbox.
  • Use the Service New State and Service Deleted State dropdown fields to select the statuses that will be assigned to newly created services and services that are no longer delivered from Azure portal respectfully.
  1. Save the configuration.
  2. Run the Enable and Activate action for the data provider.

Checking the import results

You can see the last result on the preview of the Microsoft 365 Licenses data provider configuration.

After the successful execution of the data provider, you can also find XML files with imported data in the Matrix42 root folder under Messages/Data/Microsoft365Licenses/LastResult.

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