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Preparation of the Microsoft Teams tenant


Once the VSA Basic extension was successfully installed and configured on ESM the application will need to be allowed into your organization. 

Please make sure that the VSA Basic extension is already installed prior to adding the app to your MS Teams-supported apps.. Any other sequence will result in a non functional setup.

  1. Use an administrator account of your tenant to log on to
  2. Search for the M42 VSA Basic

The Version of the app might be different than in the screenshot as we constantly update our products with new features and enhancements. 

 3. Go to Permissions tag and Review permissions and consent

Make sure to adjust the permissions policies, in case you want to limit access to the app.  The Matrix42 Virtual Support Agent Basic bot needs to be added in the 'Custom apps' section of the policy. Learn more from the official Microsoft documentation:

Once done the Matrix42 Virtual Support Agent Basic is available for your end-users.

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