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Accepting an incident

A new ticket is always assigned to a role, not to a specific person.

With Accept action, a role member confirms that they accept responsibility for the ticket.

The ticket status is set to Assigned. This informs other members of this role that somebody took responsibility but is currently not working on this ticket.

To Accept a ticket:

  1. Go to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management → Service Desk application.
  2. In the navigation area, click Incidents;
  3. If the required configuration item is not in the selection list, enter a search term into the Search Text field and hit "Enter".
  4. In the selection list, click an incident to open Preview.
  5. In the action pane, click Accept:
  • incident status changes to Assigned;
  • you are assigned as Responsible;
  • you are assigned as the ticket Owner;
  • the change is tracked in the journal as an internal record: "The Ticket has been accepted".


To accept multiple tickets select necessary checkboxes in the tickets grid.

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