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Marking problems as known errors


A problem can be marked as a known error by using the Flag as Known Error action. Once the flag is set, this problem is available in the Known Errors > Without Workaround navigation item.

How to indicate that the problem is a known error

  1. In the Service Desk application, go to the Problems navigation item and select the problem that you wish to mark as a known error.
  2. Run the Flag as Known Error action available from the list of action. This action can be run for one object only.
  3. In the wizard that opens, enter a comment. The message will be saved as a journal entry.
  4. Click Flag as Known Error.

As a result, the Known Error field will be set to Yes on the problem preview. This problem will be added to a list of known errors under the Known Errors > Without Workaround navigation item.

To remove the problem from the list of known errors, you can use the Unflag as Known Error action which is available for all problems that have been previously flagged via the Flag as Known Error action.

Both actions can be executed for problems in any status.

The Flag as Known Error and Unflag as Known Error actions are also available in the problem dialog.

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