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Assigning services

If you use Matrix42 Service Catalog, you can assign services to a person in Matrix42 Service Desk. Assignment of these services will be recorded in the incidents journal. 

  1. Go to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management > Service Desk application.
  2. In the navigation area, click Incidents.
  3. If the required configuration item is not in the selection list, use search to locate it.
  4. In the selection list, click an incident. Preview opens.
  5. In the action pane, click Assign Service to open the input wizard.
  6. The Recipient User and Cost Center are copied from the incident.
  7. Select the preferred catalog restriction:
    • Select services based on catalog restrictions and portal view priorities for user (no catalog selection possible): After you click DESIRED SERVICES, the services, bundles, groups, or sets from catalogs with the highest ranking will be displayed on the top of the selection list, and you will not be able to assign the services from a specific catalog. In this case, the Catalog field will be unavailable.
    • Select services from a specific catalog in consideration of catalog restrictions for user (only selection of users own catalogs): After you click DESIRED SERVICES, you will be able to assign services only from the catalogs that are assigned to the recipient user. To choose the catalogs, click the selection button next to the Catalog field.
    • Select services from any catalog, irrespective of their audience (selection of all catalogs possible): After you click DESIRED SERVICES, you will be able to assign services from all released catalogs. To choose the catalogs, click the selection button next to the Catalog field.
  8. After you select the services that you are going to assign, click ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If you are going to assign a bundle, group, or set, the wizard will offer you to select the included service elements. The service elements are selected by default; if necessary, make changes. If you selected services without service elements, go to the next step.
  9. If a service requires a technical target, e.g., an AD account, AAD account or a computer, you will be prompted to specify this technical target.
    • Click the selection button next to the Active Directory Account and/or Computer field(s), depending on your previous selections. 
    • Select the required AD account, AAD account, computer, or one of the selected services which provides a technical target. 
    • To show all available technical targets in the single selection window, click the Search without default filter link.
    • If several selected services need a technical target, you will see the Use target for all selected services checkbox. Select this checkbox to enter the technical target only once and accept it for all shopped services. If you do not select this checkbox, the technical target will be requested separately for each selected service. Click SERVICE(S) DELIVERY
  10. Enter the delivery address of the recipient user. Click SUMMARY.
  11. The wizard will display the summary information about the service recipient, assigned services, and pricing information. Here you can also do the following:
    • Select the Skip approval workflows for the assignment of these services checkbox if no confirmation is required.
    • Define which status the related incident should have.
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