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Pausing an incident

If you are waiting for a supplier's assistance or information from a customer while you process a ticket, you can pause the ticket until you have the necessary information. Escalation of the tickets can be paused for this time, too.

  1. Go to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management > Service Desk application.
  2. In the navigation area, click Incidents.
  3. If the required configuration item is not in the selection list, locate it using Search.
  4. In the selection list, click the ticket that you want to pause. Preview opens.
  5. In the action pane, click Pause.
  6. The reminder date is calculated automatically based on the value in the Default span for pausing tickets (days) field of the global system settings. If the ticket status does not change by the set date, a reminder email is automatically sent to the person who is responsible for the ticket. The reason and the description are saved in the journal.
  7. If you don't want the ticket to escalate while it is paused, select the Do Not Escalate Ticket While Paused option.
  8. Click PAUSE.
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