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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise Queue Management - Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions and will be extended if new questions arise.

How are Tickets routed to Queues which are created in the Self Service Portal?

Using custom configuration in combination with Compliance Rules routing can be based on e.g.: Quick Calls or Category.
A How-To for Quick Call based queue assignment can be found in our online help.

Does Enterprise Queue Management support more than one Queue?

The number of Queues managed in one system is not limited.

Does a Queue Profile allow setting up more than one Organizational Unit, Cost Center or Location to be able to support them?

There is only a 1:1 assignment of ownership data. Using the security role enables access to Queues for people from various parts of the organization.

Is a queue like a simplified wizard to define permissions on Views, Dialogs and Navigation Items or is there any kind of new Configuration Item created?

Permissions to Queues are handled based on Queue Profiles, which are new Configuration Items. Roles assigned to a Queue Profile are granted permissions to a new Application 'Queue Management' consisting of dialogs, views, and Navigation Items.

Can Ticktes be directly assigned to a queue when created with a workflow?

The standard assign logic as well is using workflows which can be invoked by using the Sub-Workflow activity.

Are Queue related Tickets / Incidents available in the Service Desk reports?

Due to security and segregation of data queue related Activities are not part of the generic Service Desk reports.

Do I need to purchase an extra license for Enterprise Queue Management?

Enterprise Queue Management is included in the Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management license without any extra cost.

Is direct Queue assignment possible for Tickets created in the Self Service Portal?

The standard implementation does not include direct assignment of Activities but the solution can be easily extended by configuration. An Example on how it is done using Quick Calls is available on our online help.

Is it reasonable to implement Enterprise Queue Management internally for IT as well?

For cases which require a segregation of data Enterprise Queue Management can be used.

Where will Activities show up in case Enterprise Queue Management is used in IT?

All Activities will show up in the new Application 'Enterprise Queue'.

Can Enterprise Queue Management be compared to a Kanban board?

Kanban is more a methodology and not initially designed to control access to Configuration Items. A Kanban add-on is available on our Marketplace.

Are incoming E-Mails directly assigned to Queues?

Starting with Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management 10.0.2 our e-mail robot supports direct assignment to Queues.

Do I need to create security roles for each Queue Profile?

Best practice would be to create new security roles to act as responsibilities as well. In addition, the default security settings are applied to these roles which is why we recommend not to use any existing roles.

Is there an out-of-the-box automation to assign Activities directly to a Queue?

Other than the e-mail based assignment we don't provide any out of the box options for assignments but extending the configuration is very easy. An Example on how it is done using Quick Calls is available on our online help.

Do all Queues share the same views and dialogs?

Yes, as Queue Management is meant to allow quick onboarding all Queues do share the same views, lists and dialogs within the new Application 'Queue Management'.

Is the 'Assign Queue' action still available once a ticket is classified to Incident or Service Request?

Yes, the action applies to any type of Activities which are present in Enterprise Queue Management.

Is the responsible role notified automatically once an activity is assigned to a Queue?

Queue assignment will not trigger a notification e-mail to the new responsible role. This decision was made to provide maximum flexibility in regards to updates on involved parties. Using the combination of Compliane Rules, E-Mail Descriptors and e-mail alerting allows to quickly set up custom notifications.

Is it possible to create Knowledge Base articles from within EQM?

No, the Create KB Article action is disabled starting from version 12.0.2.