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What is Enterprise Queue Management (EQM)

Enterprise Queue Management (EQM) provides departments other than IT with a reliable and scalable solution to deal with their everyday customer support without interfering with other departments' data. 

Make use of well-established Service Desk mechanics to coordinate and fulfill customer requests to further improve your quality of service.

With EQM you will be able to:

  • Easily onboard departments with special need on content privacy / data separation like Fleet Management, Vendor Management (Procurement) or Facility Management.
  • Define the visibility and responsible role for a queue and its activities.
  • Limit access to activities based on queue settings, in particular the defined Organizational Unit, Cost Center and Location.
  • Stay compliant by providing security to sensitive data within tickets and tasks.

With version 10.0.1 only manual actions are supported. Support of E-Mail robot is available as of version 10.0.2.

The visibility of activities will be controlled by updating the ownership information of the object provided by Queue Profile settings.

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