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Track activities with new information received


This page describes a new feature that has been added in New Look only for Agents and Service Desk Agents to easily track when activities receive new information.


To enhance user experience, we are implementing a feature to display a badge on navigation items indicating the number of activities with the status "New information received". The feature is available for Service Desk and Enterprise Queue Management.  The new information received will be shown in the navigation as a badge with the number of activities that were affected. The badge appears for Tickets, Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Change Requests.  For every badge in navigation "New Information received" tooltip will appears.


If more than 9 tickets are affected for some navigation items, the badge will show "9+" in the navigation. 


In the case when new information affects items that are child items of a second navigation level, the badge will be displayed at the parent level, indicating that there are updates within its child items.

non numeric.png

The badge will be automatically recalculate for current navigation every 10 minutes. 

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