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A note is a comment that is normally made in the context of a contractual agreement, an appointment, or a task.



  • Subject: Enter the subject or title.
  • Effective Date: Date on which this note takes effect.
  • Status: Current status of the note.
  • Type: Type of the note.
  • Category: Category of the note that will help you organize your notes.
  • Last Modification: Date when the note was last saved.
  • Created: Date when this note was created.
  • Updated: Person who created this note.
  • Notes: Detailed note which can be edited via the rich text editor.


  • Internal Participants: Add, create, or remove internal participants.
  • External Participants: Add, create, or remove external participants.
  • Additional Participants: Enter additional participants.


  • Links to appointments with this note.


  • For this note, copies of digital documents can be saved and later reopened.


On the Topics dialog pages, you can view and change all configuration items that are related to this note.

  • Topics: Incidents, problems, changes, external contacts, material, etc. that are related to this note.


In the action pane, you can access the actions that are available for notes.

  • Create Task: Create a task from a note. The task is then automatically linked to this note.
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