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Overview of the Service Catalog features

Service Catalog facilitates communication of different divisions within the same organization and improves the services provisioning process.  Service Catalog  application contributes to the overall organization's functioning by automating the services procurement of any type: from providing a set of necessary equipment for the new employee's workplace and installing required software to ordering repair services, services upgrade to a newer version or any other type of material and non-material services that serve for the organization's seamless work.

Services of a Service Catalog include any type of offers that can be provided by the organization to the employees of a company, a department or any other type of an organizational structure that uses Matrix42  Self Service Portal platform for their day-to-day internal business operations. Services may be represented in the Service Catalog as hardware,  software, access to a network drive or to the Internet, as well as communication services such as corporate email access or corporate cell phone. In such way, the catalog and its items are easily manageable and adjustable according to your organization's needs.

Matrix42 Service Catalog allows configuring product items manually and simplifies your routine work by importing and making all the necessary settings for the entire catalog automatically, from a spreadsheet or an at hand price-list. 

Matrix42 application also allows to decreases the organization's maintenance costs by providing access to the services and their processing in unified access and management point known as Service Catalog

Besides the services offering and provisioning, Service Catalog allows you to set restrictions to the Services ordering based on the user roles, define whether the ordered services should be approved by other users, who are responsible for such operations, hand over ordered services to other users within an organization, make public announcements that may affect all employees who use the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and much more.

So, Matrix42 Service Catalog represents the management side of your services intended to assure and facilitate everyday work of all employees who have access to a user-friendly Self Service Portal of the Matrix42. 

Self Service Portal is designed in a way that any employee with non-IT background or without any special technical skills can benefit from the Self Service Portal platform in the need of assuring their everyday job: order services, approve orders or withdraw the approval. 

This documentation is intended to assist you with Matrix42 Service Catalog and serves as a reference in your day-to-day work.

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