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AD Group Membership

Diagram of Relations Between the Affected CIs:


Required Configuration:

  1. The service uses the Assign AD Group provisioning workflow.
  2. The AD group is defined in the provisioning configuration of the service.
  3. The AD group has computers or AD accounts as members.
  4. Computers have a main user.
  5. AD accounts are assigned to the main user.


  1. Retrieve the configured AD group from the service.
  2. Retrieve all computers and AD accounts that are members of this AD group.
  3. Retrieve the assigned main users of the computers and accounts.
  4. Retrieve all service bookings (without uninstallation booking) for this service.
  5. Check for all service bookings if the AD account/computer still belongs to the AD group.
  6. If not, create an uninstallation booking.
  7. If yes, check the combination of the main user and the AD account/computer within the booking.
  8. If wrong, create an uninstallation booking.
  9. Continue with detection of missing bookings.


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