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Creating roles

If the standard roles that are supplied with Matrix42 Service Desk are not sufficient, you can create additional custom roles.

  1. Go to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management > Administration application.
  2. In the navigation area, click Security > User Roles > Add User Role. A properties dialog with the following fields opens:
    • Name: Name of the user role.
    • Description: Description of the user role.
    • Immediately show role and members when forwarding tickets: Role, without the Immediately show role and members when forwarding tickets checkbox selected is only available for selection in the Forward wizard once the Show all Roles and Users option is selected. 
    • E-mail Address: Messages to this role go to this email address. If you enter nothing here, the system automatically uses the email addresses of the respective members.
    • Members: Select a radio button - Manually or Automatically - to specify whether the members of this role will be maintained automatically by AD or manually. If you select the Manually radio button, add members to the group on the Members dialog page. Select Automatically to import members from an existing Active Directory group. 
  3. Click DONE to save and close.

Proceed with configuring user role permissions

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