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Asset scope


On the Asset Scope dialog page, you define which assets or stock keeping units are covered by the support contract.

  • If neither a stock keeping unit (SKU) nor an asset is defined, the contract covers all assets and SKUs (only the possible service scope, category scope, and entitlement restrictions are applied).
  • If the SKUs or assets are defined, the contract covers only those specified assets or assets that belong to the specified SKU.


A new SLA should cover all SKUs and assets:

  • Define nothing at all.

A new SLA should cover only the Server SKU:

  • Define the Server SKU.

A new SLA should cover the Server SKU and also the MIKES_PC asset:

  • Define the Server SKU.
  • Define the MIKES_PC asset.

A new SLA should cover only the MIKES_PC asset:

  • Define the MIKES_PC asset.
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