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How to check the inventory results


This article is relevant for the following data providers: Inventory of Citrix XenServer, Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-VInventory of VMware vCenter, Unix Inventory, and Windows Inventory.

The Inventory Activation engine activation launches the data gateway that scans the virtual infrastructure and devices of the organization's network. It should be configured to run according to a schedule and can also be triggered immediately by using the Activate action for a relevant data provider.

Checking the results for inventory configurations

After the data provider has been activated, you can monitor the progress by checking the preview of its configuration. You can access the preview by clicking the configuration once on the data provider's preview or dialog. Alternatively, the list of all inventory configurations is available under Server Inventory > Inventory Configurations in the Assets application.

On the preview, you can see the following information:

  • Last Result shows the overall status and result of last inventory.
  • Job History shows the list of all scanning jobs for this configuration.

You can also see the list of jobs on the Job History dialog page of the configuration.


Checking the results for scanned computers

The Server Inventory > Inventory Results navigation item in the Assets application displays all computers that are scanned by all inventory data providers. You can open the computer dialog and go to Inventory > Scan Results tab to see the last scan result for this particular computer.

You can also see the results for each scanned computer on the Inventory Results dialog page of the configuration.

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