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Searching address book contacts

In the Address Book area, you can find and download information about your employees, business contacts, and business partners.

  1. Go to the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and click Home > Address Book in the navigation area
  2. To search for contacts, enter search criteria into the Search Text field at the top of the screen and press <Enter>. 
  3. Use the search filter if you want to display only one or two groups of contacts in the search results: EmployeesBusiness Contacts, and/or Business Partners. You can also display the contacts alphabetically by City, Company, Country, Name, Position, or State. 
  4. For the search results that appear, the following information will be displayed by default: names, company names, phone numbers, photos, positions, email address, and faxes.
  5. Click Download to download the contact's information in a .vcf file and be able to add the contact to the address book on your local machine.
  6. Click Location (if available) to view the contact's address on a map. 
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