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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Ordering services

Placing an order in the Self Service Portal

To order a service

  1. Go to the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and click Catalog in the navigation area.
  2. Under Recipient, you are entered as a default recipient of services. If you want to apply for a service for somebody else, enter their name accordingly.

    If you change the service recipient, the content of your shopping cart is deleted. In addition, only catalogs that are assigned to this person are displayed. 

  3. If you cannot find the required service, enter your search criteria into the Search Text field at the top of the screen and press <Enter>. The search results will be displayed.
    • To order a service, either click Details to view information about the service or click Add to Cart > Add to Cart > Place Order.
    • If the service involves a set, a bundle, or a group, you can select optional components.
    • If a service requires a technical target, e.g., an AD account or a computer, you will be prompted to specify this technical target. As a result, you will see a technical target icon near the service ID in the shopping cart and on the approval page. 
    • If the shopping cart contains any services that:
      • can provide a technical target;
      • with the instance type equal to the one that is required by service, e.g., Required Technical Target = Computer and Instance Type = Computer
        then you will be prompted to select one of these services as a target. 
  4. The Place Order Summary section displays the name, ID, quantity, payment details of the service, and price for the service in the catalog currency. Besides, it displays the summary information in the currency of the user that was defined on the Personal Data page (Profile). 
    Although by default, your cost center is pre-selected, here you can change the cost center to which the services will be booked. 
  5. Enter the delivery information and click Place Order.
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