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LIS Online update architecture


The License Intelligence Service (LIS) is a function used to assign fingerprints and licenses to the respective software products. In this process, the LIS provides a list containing all known applications and their software products. Matrix42 keeps the LIS data up to date on a regular basis and hosts it on a server accessible to customers.

The LIS Update function allows to perform a full download of LIS data or just download the updated data providing options to upload unclassified licenses and fingerprints to be analyzed and classified by Matrix42.


The data flow and components involved is illustrated in the picture below:

LIS Communication Schema.png

LIS Web Service

LIS Web Service is hosted on the Matrix42 Cloud. It provides LIS data and accepts user data (unclassified fingerprints and licenses). 


LIS Web Service is secured with a certificate issued by Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server Certification Authority. 

Navigating to this address in a standard browser displays the web service information:


LIS Data Provider

A set of services hosted on Matrix42 Data Gateway. The data provider provides two services:

  • LIS Session Service – used to generate tokens to secure connection.
  • LIS Transfer Service – used to transfer data between Matrix42 Application Server and LIS Web Service.

For both services Anonymous and Integrated authentication should be enabled on IIS (default configuration).

Network Configuration

Connection Port URL

Between Data Gateway and LIS Web Service:

(older product versions only) 

Between Data Gateway and Matrix42 application server:



Port for communication with application server can be configured in Global System Settings in Administration:


LIS Update Wizard (Classic UI only)

LIS Update wizard is a standalone click-once application (LISUpdate.exe) that is used to transfer data between Matrix42 Application Server and LIS Web Service. The application is run from Matrix42 user interface using Click-once and is signed with Matrix42 certificate. using local IE security/proxy settings. It is required to be able to send web requests to It is possible that the network administrator for the corporate firewall will need to put an additional URL on their web address white list.

LIS Update can be activated from any client computer that has access to the Matrix42 application using network settings of the client computer and therefore, also use proxy settings of the windows internet connection. However, it is possible that the network administrator for the corporate firewall will need to put the LIS Web Service URL on their web address white list.


LIS Update Wizard doesn’t use local disk space, but uses streaming to transfer data.