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Portal categories

Managing service categories for display in the Self Service Portal, creating categories hierarchy and assigning services.


A Portal Category is a structured set of services, sets, bundles, and groups in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal. Services categories are managed in the Service Catalog application.

The Matrix42 Self Service Portal displays only those categories that contain services, sets, bundles, or groups:


Every portal category that includes visible for the Self Service Portal users services are displayed as a static sub-items of the Catalog  navigation item  

Services display for the users of the Self Service Portal also depends on the service status settings and audience restrictions of the catalog the service is a part of.

Service Catalog

Categories have a hierarchical structure, meaning that each Category can have child categories.

Portal Category settings

All nesting levels of the categories are managed from a single page and can be accessed in the Service Catalog application → Service Catalog navigation item → Categories page.


To create a new service category, click Add Portal Category button and fill out the suggested fields as described below.


The General dialog page contains controls that allow you to define certain basic data for the Portal Category:


  • Name: the name of the portal category that will be shown on the Self Service Portal, if the category has appropriate for display services.
  • Parent Category: choose a parent category to create a hierarchical relationship or leave empty to use the category as a parent item of the Catalog.
  • Image: upload an image for the portal category. This image will not be displayed in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and is intended for internal usage only.
  • Description: an internally used detailed description of the portal category.
  • Hide (Incl. Sub-Categories): Select this option if you do not want to display this portal category and its child categories in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal.


The Services dialog page allows you to manage services that belong to the portal category:


Properly configured services without the assigned category are listed in the Catalog navigation item of the Self Service Portal.

Category preview

In the Categories navigation item, click the necessary item to open the category preview page:


The preview displays:

  • General settings: image, name, description and the current option of the hide category setting;
  • Ownership: the applied for the portal category Organizational Unit, Cost Center and Location. These values can not be modified and are applied by default from the global system setting;
  • Related Objects: lists all services that were added to the current portal category.


  • Edit: Open the portal category for editing;
  • Delete: Delete the category; 
  • History: View the history of all the category related transactions;
  • Export: Export the category data to a file. 

Service Settings

Portal categories can be also assigned to a service in the Portal Display section of the service settings:



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