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How to configure LIS-Online Update data provider


The LIS - Online Update data provider integrates Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management with Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS). LIS uses its application patterns to analyze and assign unclassified fingerprints and licenses. The LIS - Online Update data provider should be configured to automatically run LIS updates according to a scheduled activation.


To configure the LIS - Online Update data provider:

  1. In Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management, go to the Administration application and open the Integration > Data Providers navigation item.
  2. Double-click the LIS - Online Update data provider to open it. The properties dialog contains the Configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.
  3. Create a new configuration. The new properties dialog will open. Fill in the General and Settings dialog pages for the new configuration.

It is not recommended to create more than one active configuration for the LIS online update. Concurrent update requests may cause operational problems.


On this page do the following:

  1. In the Data Gateway field select an instance that will execute the configuration.
  2. If necessary, provide additional details about this configuration in Description.
  3. Select the Enable import checkbox to activate this configuration.


Define the conditions of integration with the LIS server:

  1. Select the Upload unclassified licenses checkbox if licenses without a software product should be automatically assigned to one by LIS.
  2. Select the Upload unclassified fingerprints checkbox if fingerprints should be automatically assigned to software products by LIS.
  3. Click the Review data ready to be uploaded link to open or save a ZIP package that will be sent to the LIS server.
  4. Select the Skip downloading LIS package checkbox to avoid downloading new data from the LIS server. This option can be used if the configuration should only transfer data to the LIS server.
  5. The Download full LIS data set regardless of the last update date checkbox is enabled if the Skip downloading LIS package checkbox is cleared. Select it to download all data from the LIS server during each update. Otherwise, the data provider will download only new records.

After filling in all necessary information, apply you settings by:

  1. Saving the configuration.
  2. Running the Enable action for the data provider.

Please note that connectivity with LIS online webservice may be obstructed by firewalls or proxy settings. In case you encounter problems please review corresponding settings, especially if internet traffic is filtered by user accounts, IP address ranges, applications or other criteria.


The LIS - Online Update data provider can be triggered manually by using the Activate action. In order to launch the data provider automatically, you can create an engine activation and configure it to run according to a schedule.

You can also launch the update as often as required by using the Update License Intelligence Service action in the Licenses application.

Checking Results

You can check results of previous activations by selecting the data provider and clicking on the configuration link displayed in the preview:


The configuration preview is opened, displaying last results: