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Software Management

Empirum Software Management helps you to adapt, distribute, and install software on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The data for Empirum Software Management are administrated in the corresponding location database.

  • Software adaptation means the simplification or unification of any given standard software. The installation routine preset by the developer is replaced here by a routine that can enforce certain default settings on the computer of the user or the server.
  • Software distribution means making available the software on a server and/or a client computer. The user is either authorized to install the software or he receives a message that he can now install a specific software.
  • Software installation means the actual installation on the destination computer (server and/or client). Here, the files are transferred to the destination computer in such a way that an application can run on this computer.

The available software is stored in the corresponding location database. The software depot is a description of all the software available on one or more servers. Every software depot contains an arbitrary number of software packages. A software package consists of the total amount of all files required to install a package on a computer. A software depot usually has the suffix ".dds" and will be created and updated by the service Empirum-Activation.

In addition to the software depot, there is also a command file, which defines who is provided with which software where and when. Such a file usually has the extension ".ddc" and will be created and updated by the service Empirum-Activation.


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