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EWC - Java and Apache Tomcat Update

Update of the EWC Java and Apache TomCat Versions

For the Empirum Web Console (EWC), Matrix42 delivers a new package with components for Java and Apache Tomcat that are current at the time of creation as part of the product updates (usually every 3 months).

It may happen that shortly after delivery there are new updates with solved security holes for Java and Apache Tomcat.

In order to close these security gaps, Matrix42 created a way for customers to update the existing EWC package with the latest available versions.

The package can be found here: Download

What to do?

  • Ensure that Powershell 5.1 or higher is installed
  • Download the ZIP file
  • Unpack the ZIP file directly on the Empirum server
  • Run the contained batch file as administrator (make sure you have an Internet connection to download the latest versions)
  • Manually remove the backed up old versions from the package
  • If necessary, create a new package hash
  • Reinstall EWC package

The batch file has several parameters to control the result.

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