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A Matrix42 PreOS package essentially consists of a PowerShell script that is executed at the runtime of the WinPE Agent during OS deployment via WinPE. The Matrix42 PreOS package can contain other mass data in addition to this PowerShell script, such as application files that can be called during script execution.

A Matrix42 PreOS package must adhere to a certain format to allow the WinPE Agent to execute the package during deployment.

The Matrix42 PreOS Package Editor ensures that the format of the package is maintained.

Metadata and mass data

A Matrix42 PreOS package consists of an XML file (EmpirumPackageData.xml) that contains metadata for the package that is transferred during the import to the Empirum database.

This mainly includes the following:

  • Name
  • Vendor
  • Version
  • Storage path
  • Variable definitions
  • GUID

A Matrix42 PreOS package also contains a directory containing the mass data of the package. The mass data is copied on the Empirum share during the import.

It is therefore clear that the metadata and mass data are interdependent.

The Matrix42 PreOS Package Editor checks the format of the metadata file when opening a Matrix42 PreOS package. In addition, metadata and mass data are checked and, if necessary, indications of existing conflicts are given.


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