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OS Deployment

With the Windows PE (WinPE) PreBoot Support you now have another possibility to install Windows operating systems. It now allows all customers to create their own – Powershell based – packages and using their own tools – pretty similar as creating and using software packages on Windows. Having this flexibility, it gives you more options to realize full featured OS provisioning (e.g. including BIOS settings or updates using vendor specific tools).

The WinPE PreBoot Support contains the following components:

  • The Boot Configuration in the Matrix42 Management Console where the Windows PE (WinPE) based PXE images can be configured and created.
  • The WinPE based PXE images, which contain a WinPE PreBoot environment, in which the WinPE Agent runs.
  • The PowerShell-based Matrix42 PreOS packages, which are executed in the WinPE PreBoot environment by the WinPE agent and can, for example, run a Windows deployment.

The WinPE PreBoot Support as part of Matrix42 OS Installer is provided continuously and independently of the Empirum releases in order to deliver new features and bug fixes quickly and easily.

The current version of the WinPE PreBoot Support can be downloaded from the Matrix42 Marketplace


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