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Real Time Monitoring and Controlling


With remote monitoring capabilities, you can easily observe and track UEM Depot Management Sync Jobs, ensuring seamless coordination between the main server and local servers. The intuitive user interface offers convenient filtering and sorting options, enabling efficient management of jobs.

One of the key benefits is the status feedback of depots, which keeps customers informed about the progress and success of the sync jobs. This real-time feedback empowers you to proactively address any issues or bottlenecks, ensuring smooth software distribution throughout the network.

Additionally, the ability to stop and start sync jobs remotely gives you greater control and flexibility in managing your software deployments. This feature allows for quick adjustments or modifications as needed, without the need for manual intervention at each location.

If you are a Cloud customer with local depot-servers you do not need VPN in between your environment and the cloud to control sync jobs (start, stop, restart) and to observe how they perform.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Check the status of Sync Jobs in the Management Console with filtering and automatic refresh
  • Start or stop Sync jobs from the Management Console


For a full featured real time monitoring of the depot sync you need at least

Since this UEM Agent version the Depot Sync is decoupled from the Agent and requires a separate package install.



At first you have to decide for a Message Service Bus system: Microsoft Azure Service Bus or Rabbit MQ.

Depot Server

Then every Depot Server has to be configured and installed.
Beside the general configuration you have to set the Message Bus specific values in the variables for the depot computer.
These are described in the variables section in the Empirum Help.

The SERVICEBUS_SUBSCRIPTIONNAME and SERVICEBUS_TOPICNAME will be set by Empirum when installing the Service Bus or changing the role of a computer to "Depot Server".
The SERVICEBUS_CONNECTIONSTRING should not be the same as in the service settings, as fewer access rights are required and more safe.
If you are using Microsoft Azure Service Bus, the SAS policy should contain the claims send and listen, but not manage.
If you are using RabbitMQ, the user must have rights for the virtual host matrix42 but needs no tags. You can limit the access even more, see RabbitMQ documentation.

Known issue in Empirum 23.0.3:

The SERVICEBUS_CONNECTIONSTRING variable cannot be set in a variable configuration. Please set the variable on the computer or configuration group directly.

The SERVICEBUS_TOPICNAME variable is not set automatically. It must be set manually. (Fixed in 24.0.0)

Now the package "Depot Sync" has to be installed on the depot server.

The Depot Sync package can not be downgraded to an older version at the moment.

Management Console

In the Empirum Management Console you will find a tab "Depot Sync" in the Management Section on the left side.

You will only see the new "Depot Sync" section, when you are part of the role "EMP_M_ADMIN" or higher.

There you can monitor all active sync jobs on all connected depot servers. Beside the normal status information that was already available in the depot log there is additional information in case of an error.

With the filter button you can reduce the entries to dedicated depot servers and/or results.

After selection of a status entry you can use the start or stop buttons to trigger an immediate command to the depot server. After a short processing time the selected sync job will start or stop.

Sync jobs are not always stopped immediately. They will continue running until they are in a safe state to be stopped. That means that e.g. the packages sync may take some time and finish downloads, before it is finally stopped.


The "Infrastructure Management" navigation item provides details on the software management depot infrastructure. Empirum Depot servers and synchronization jobs are listed to provide an overview and enable troubleshooting. All communication takes place via the Enterprise Service Bus.

A dashboard provides an overview to easily identify depot servers with problems or outdated data.

The list of depot servers displays an indicator to instantly identify depot servers that either have an error in at least one sync job (red) or no sync job information (gray). When selecting a depot server, the preview shows a list of the reported sync jobs with their latest status. It is also possible to send a "resync sync status" which initiates the resending of the current sync job information from the depot.

The sync jobs list displays all reported sync jobs. They can be filtered to get an overview of a specific sync job type such as "Packages" or a specific depot server or status. Selecting a sync job provides detailed information. The action "Start" will send a message to the depot server to start the selected sync job.  The action "Stop" will send a message to the depot server to stop the selected sync job if it is running.  The execution will be delayed.

Local Depot Management with Powershell

With the help of Powershell Cmdlets you are able to manage depot servers locally. See Powershell help for more information.

Technical Information


In order to receive messages from the Empirum Management Consoles (EMC/UUX), each Depot Server needs a subscription on the service bus.

The management (creation/deletion) of the subscriptions is done automatically by Empirum.

Depending on the service bus type there are some things to note:

  • Microsoft Azure
    • One subscription per computer with role "Depot Server" is created.
    • Adding or removing the role "Depot Server" to/from a computer if the ServiceBus service is installed.
    • (Re-)Installation of the ServiceBus service will synchronize existing depot servers and subscriptions.
      Missing subscriptions will be created, not required subscriptions will be deleted.
    • After deletion or renaming of Depots, the subscription is not removed automatically. A reinstallation of the ServiceBus service is required to trigger synchronization.
  • Rabbit MQ
    • A (temporary) queue is created while the depot sync (UEM Agent service) is running.

Naming Convention of Subscriptions

The name of a subscription for a Depot Server is in the format EMPIRUM_DEPOT_<Domain>_<Computername>

Computer Id

After installing the Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows 2310.1.2 SFR or the Depot Sync 1.1 package a unique computer Id will be created and stored on the computer in the registry. It will be used as sender for message bus messages and to identify a computer for UUX for SUEM.
Reinstallations of the UEM Agent or the Depot Sync package will not affect an already set computer Id.

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