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Open Points and Troubleshooting


We highly advise to uninstall and remove the old Empirum Sync from any machine which is supposed to work with the new UEM Depot Sync. They will interfere with each other which will result in unforeseen and unwanted results.

If the sync server status in the EMC is not up-to-date or starting sync jobs manually does not work, the service bus communication may be malfunction. The following points give you some starting points on where to check for error messages or configuration issues.

  • Check your service bus settings
  • Check the logs of UEM Depot and Service Bus Service for errors
    • The UEM Depot Sync is writing log files in the folder %ProgramData%\Matrix42\Logs\UEM Depot on the depot server. They contain detailed information, warnings and errors for the synchronizations.
    • The Service Bus Service is writing log files in the folder %ProgramData%\Matrix42\Logs\Empirum ServiceBus Service on the services server. They contain detailed information, warnings and errors for the service bus message delivery.
  • Make sure that the requirements for service bus communication are fulfilled
    • TLS must be enabled for Azure Service Bus
    • Service Bus technology is based on the AMQP protocol for which the TCP Ports 5671 and 5672 must be open in the local firewall
  • Restart the Service Bus service on the services server
  • Restart the Matrix42UAF service on the depot
  • Review the documents "How to use UEM Depot Sync 2.0 and later" and the Configuration.

If somehow subscriptions in Azure Service Bus are missing, a reinstallation of the Service Bus Service can force an update of them. (Recreation, Removal of unused ones)

Open Points

The following features are currently not yet supported by UEM Depot Management:

  • Installation time frames are not considered
  • Options in the scheduler:
    • "End after x occurrences"
    • "Stop job if the end time is reached"
  • In the log there is always a zero for "Size of target directory"
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