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UEM Depot Management


The new UEM Depot Management offers a new UEM Depot Sync based on the Matrix42 Universal Agent Framework. With this framework, synchronization can now be performed via SMB as well as via HTTP(S).

We highly advise to uninstall and remove the old Empirum Sync from any machine which is supposed to work with the new UEM Depot Sync. They will interfere with each other which will result in unforeseen and unwanted results.

The final status of the last synchronization can be viewed for each run in the EMC in the tab "Empirum Server Monitor" (requires EMP_M_ADMIN role of the EMC user).

Synchronizations, which sometimes have a longer runtime, send an additional information about the start of the sync run. For more information, see Available synchronizations.

You can find a Deep Dive Enablement Session for UEM Depot Sync 2.0 here and a german Session here.


The "Matrix42 UEM Depot Sync" package should be used with an up to date version of the UEM Agent. Please see the release notes if your version is compatible or not.

For the initial setup of the UEM Depot Sync the following steps have to be performed:

  • Configure the server as a subdepot
    • Computer properties > Computer role > Empirum Depot Server
  • Installing the UEM Agent
  • Configure variables
  • Install the current version of the "Empirum Subdepot" package on the server (create the directories and set the access rights)
  • Install the current version of the "Matrix42 UEM Depot Sync" package
  • Configuring the Sync Jobs
    • See section "Configuration"
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