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Basic Information


It first describes the prerequisites for the Matrix42 OS deployment based on WinPE. Then follows a step-by-step guide on how to prepare and perform the deployment.


Matrix42 Client Management (v18.0.3 or later).

  • An installed Windows ADK for Windows 10 on the Empirum Master Server, for WinPE creation.
  • The Empirum Master Server runs on a Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 / 2019 operating system.
  • The backend task queue needs this for the creation of the WinPE boot images.

Current functionality

The current functionality of Matrix42 OS Deployment based on WinPE:

  • Import of Matrix42 PreOS packages
  • Creation of a WinPE based boot configuration
  • Assignment and configuration of the Matrix42 PreOS package using computer variables
  • Installing the Matrix42 Software Depot after Deployment
  • Deployment on UEFI or Legacy/Bios based computers
  • Domain Join of the computer and assignment to the Organizational Unit in the Active Directory
  • Support of DHCP options
  • Selection of the Empirum Agent version to be installed
  • http(s) as transport protocol
  • Display of the current tasks on the client during the installation
  • End of Life (EOL)
  • Self-Provisioning via http(s) starting with WinPE PreBoot Support version 1.8.3
  • Support of language packs in CAB file format and as Local Experience Packs

From Empirum v18.0.2 on:

  • Assignment of operating system editions
  • Language Pack support

From Empirum v19.0.0 on:

  • Assignment and deployment of Windows 7, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 operating systems

From Empirum v19.0.1 on:

  • Computer Self Provisioning based on computer templates (via the Empirum-API service at the Empirum Master Server)

From Empirum v20.0.0 on:

  • Automatic sequencing of Matrix42 PreOS packages when importing them into the depot configuration at previous versions

From Empirum v20.0.1 on:

  • Use of static IP address for OS deployment. The use of the Matrix42 PreOS packages WindowsInstallation 5.3 and DriverIntegration 2.14 or higher is required.

From Empirum v20.0.2 on:

  • Configuration of the thumbprints of the server certificates for the https communication via the boot configuration in the Empirum Management Console.

From Empirum v20.0.3 on:

  • Integrated support for OS deployment of computers in a workgroup.

The latest version of the article WinPE PreBoot Support is permanently available at A corresponding registration is required.


The following restrictions apply when using Matrix42 OS Deployment based on WinPE:

  • The current functionality of Matrix42 OS Deployment based on WinPE supports only 64-bit Windows operating system.
  • The current Matrix42 PreOS package SimpleOsDeployment only support Windows 10.
  • WindowsInstallation package supports Windows 7 deployment only with Matrix42 Client Management v19.0.0 or later.
  • Computer Self Provisioning is only supported from Matrix42 Client Management v19.0.1 or higher.
  • WinPE based Self Provisioning works with all (EFI) clients, but its local boot only works on clients, which have been deployed with Empirum v19.0.1 / WinPE Support 1.6.1. Alternative is not to configure a Default PXE Image in DBUtil, but to boot from prepared USB stick. A USB stick can be created in Empirum Console under Boot Configurations. Currently the additional drivers from a Self-Provisioning boot configuration are not installed.
  • WinPE based Self Provisioning is currently only supported for Installation Factories (not for production environment).
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