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BIOS Update Template

This document should serve as a How-To for Matrix42 PreOS Package BiosUpdateTemplate. It shows how the template package can be used to create a package for a dedicated BIOS update.


  • Matrix42 WinPE PreBoot Support 1.3.3 and higher

Current functionality

The current functionality of Matrix42 PreOS Package BiosUpdateTemplate is based on Matrix42 WinPE PreBoot Support 1.3.3 and the BIOS Update executables from your hardware vendors.

  • Execution of a BIOS Update executable from your hardware vendor under WinPE.

The newest version of the article WinPE PreBoot Support is permanently available at A corresponding registration is required.


The following restrictions apply when using Matrix42 PreOS Package BiosUpdateTemplate:

  • BiosUpdateTemplate package supports BIOS Update executables from your hardware vendor, which can be run under WinPE x64.
  • Execution of BiosUpdateTemplate package directly happens at your own risk - it serves as a template and does not cover all systems.
  • As example BIOS update flash utility from Dell is used in this package. This tool can be used to update BIOS on all Dell devices.

The tool of Dell was taken from the following web site

  • Other manufacturer than Dell are not implemented or described here but have similar BIOS flash utilities and can be used like the example.


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