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Empirum 20.0 - Release Notes

Solved Issues

Problem ID Description
Software Management
PRB34172 UEM Agent 1912.0 fails with HTTPS
PRB34105 Immediate installation of UEM Agent only works if package is already downloaded
PRB34276 PACKAGE_HASH Function of the BTQH64 cannot handle the variable %Revision% in the directory path
PRB34252 HTTPS fails if the notation .\username is entered for USER_1
PRB34128 Software-Push need to be done twice in order for the Software to be installed
Patch Management
PRB34250 HTTPs Download error for some 3rd. party patches
PRB34216 Cannot transfer inventory data via UEM Agent since version 1911.2
Matrix42 Management Console (EMC)
PRB34098 Error message on opening the boot configuration
PRB34130 Assigning a variable configuration returns empty variables
PRB34109 After update to 19.0.3 inheritance of Sync Server variables 1-4 is lost
PRB33732 Importing computer with PXE flag does not work correctly
PRB34377 Wrong assignment of multiple selected Empirum servers
OS Installer
PRB33980 PXE Offline Mode Log lines with commas cannot be read
PRB33823 WinPE 166_1 - Language Packs will be installed sporadically
PRB34162 Client is not deactivated after OS installation with Offline (USB) Self Provisioning with WinPE
PRB34205 UEM Agent Parts "Info" only visible for administrative Users
PRB34176 Error in the interaction between SAM and Empirum
PRB34241 SWDepotLog services crashes on rare circumstances
PRB34089 The data of the section 'Security Information' of the report 'EMM Device Overview' is wrong
PRB34190 All installation commands in DDC file remains after a computer was deleted from all groups


Known Issues

Problem ID Description
OS Installer
  The feature "WinPE http/s Support v2" has current restrictions and don't support the server certificate from the agent template. Also, Self-Provisioning and Disk Imaging are not possible over http/s.

Discontinuations for Version v20.0 Update 1

  • Support for version file as check in the SWDepot tab "Version"
  • LDAP Browser in EMC
  • Citrix XenApp Publishing/Support
  • VDI Images as assignable objects
  • Silverback Integration – will be replaced with UEM Console v20.0.1
  • Agent Distribution tab in the EMC under Configuration/Software Management
  • DBUtil Remote Server Support
  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
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