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Empirum 24.0 Update 1 - Release and Update Notes

About This Document

This document describes functional changes, bug fixes, known issues, modified behaviors and changed platform support that have been added since the last update. Please find the installation files of this version on Matrix42 Marketplace. System requirements, integration guides and instructions for installation and update are available in the Matrix42 Help Center.

Visit the following playlists on the Matrix42 YouTube channel to get a short overview presentation of the major new features: Link to English Video-Playlist | Link to German Video-Playlist.

Software Management

The Standard Feature Release version 2312.1.2 of the UEM Agent is part of the installation. Please check the Marketplace or the implace upgrade function via EMC for new versions of the UEM Agent.

Further details and information about the new features of the UEM Agent can be found here: Matrix42 Marketplace

If necessary, adjust the UEM Agent update settings of your computers before the update. After the update, the UEM Agent is configured as not released, it will only roll out automatically to computers configured for pilot rollouts. 
For using optional packages as part of the distribution flags, the UEM Agent of type "Standard Feature Release" starting version 2203.1.2 or newer. The UEM Agent Extended Support Release 2006 is not supporting this function.

OS Installer

The v24.0.1 ISO has the latest WinPE 1.9.5 integrated, but is ONLY installed for a new installation of Empirum. However, you can use the new function in the EMC "Download latest WinPE Support Package". Further details and information about WinPE can be found here: WinPE

Extend Language Pack Package

With the WinPE Support Package Release 1.9.5 we have published the Language Pack Package 3.2. This now gives you the option of downloading and installing language packs directly from the Microsoft Store. In addition to the still supported options CAB and APPX, this third option has been added. Further information on use and configuration can be found in the online help here.

Adjustment Disk Partitioning Package 

With the WinPE Support Package Release 1.9.5 we have published the Disk Partitioning Package 3.26. This has been adapted to the current standards of a Windows 11 installation and the WinRE partition has been moved to the end of the disk. The sizes can still be customized. Further information on use and configuration can be found in the online help here.


It is now possible to recognize unused imported drivers by means of an icon and thus simplify the deletion of unused drivers. With the icon 


and via the tooltip you can recognize unused drivers directly via the EMC.

If you use only WinPE and no longer EPE to install your operating systems, you can delete all imported WADK and WAIK (Configuration > OS Installer > Import) permanently.
Old or unneeded PreOS packages should be deleted from the EMC and locally from the hard disk.
Please check here in the EMC in the tab Configuration - Software Management - Depot - Matrix42 PreOS Packages and delete all unneeded PreOS packages.
Locally you can delete the same PreOS packages from the hard disk in the directory "%EmpirumServer%\Configurator$\PackageStore\PreOSPackages".


More details and information about UUX for SUEM can be found here: Release Notes SUEM 24.0.1

Common Changes/Enhancements

In this release, we've implemented data telemetry to capture anonymous usage metrics of our software. This feature strictly collects non-personal data related to the usage and performance of the software, ensuring user privacy is fully respected. This will aid in enhancing future updates and overall user experience. More and detailed information can be found here.

UEM Depot Sync

A new software package UEM Depot Sync 2.2 is part of the ISO and must be used in combination with the current SFR UEM Agent 2312.1.2. We recommend updating to the new package in order to be able to use all the new features of Empirum v24.0.1. Further information can be found in our online help for UEM Depot Management here.

With version > 2.0 of the package the synchronization mechanism has been changed in many areas and does not use the tradition ways. We highly recommend to read out help article before updating to this version at our help pages.

Activated ASLR (Security Enhancement)

With release 24.0.1 we have activated the ASLR function for all Empirum services and executable files. For security reasons, we have decided to do this when compiling Empirum services and executable files. ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) or memory scrambling, modules are loaded in random memory locations and therefore in unpredictable memory positions. We therefore recommend reinstalling all Empirum-relevant services.

Empirum Web Console (EWC)

With the Empirum release 24.0.1 Apache Tomcat has been updated to version 9.0.86. The background is a security risk (CVE-2023-46589) in some older versions of Apache Tomcat. We therefore strongly recommend to update and reinstall your Empirum Web Console (EWC) version.

Enterprise Service Bus

A new Enterprise Service Bus Service version 4.18.12 was released with Empirum Release 24.0.1. In this version, reported errors have been fixed and communication has been stabilized and improved. Improvements have also been implemented in conjunction with the UEM Depot Sync package 2.2.

Empirum SDK

Details and information about the Empirum SDK can be found here: Empirum SDK

Notification of extended maintenance period (LTSB)

Empirum version 23.0.3 is declared as LTSB version. Customers who are entitled to Matrix42 Premium Support thus receive an extended maintenance period beyond the release of version 25.0.0 at the end of April 2025.

Solved Issues

Problem ID Description
Software Management
PRB38009 Package Import via UUX does not start validation after import in Empirum
PRB37353 Precondition Something with the Precondition is wrong. Not evaluated. - Calculate failed.
PRB37927 Sync Monitor doesn´t show all Depotservers - 2 Servers are missing
Matrix42 Management Console (EMC)
PRB38003 Depot Sync is not able to publish messages because its RabbitMQ Queue was automatically deleted.
PRB38118 EMC "Licensed for" information is missing in the overview
Matrix42 Web Console (EWC)
PRB38127 Empirum Webconsole -  Apache Tomcat Version is old and has security holes
OS Installer
PRB37860 UEM Agent Download / WinPE Update via EMC not possible via proxy.
PRB37596  Empirum LDAP-Sync stops on English OS when username contains special characters
PRB38027 Empirum Package Wizard 24.0 crashes
PRB37848 PBackup.pbu will not be created in Container based Cloud environment
PRB38014 Enterprise Service Bus no longer starts on EmpirumServer
PRB37980 ESB: Overwrites number of cores with incorrect values

Known Issues

Problem ID Description
OS Installer
  The feature "WinPE http/s Support" has current restrictions and don't support the client certificate from the agent template. Also Disk Imaging is not possible over http/s.
Linux Inventory
  Linux Inventory is not part of the release. You can find the latest version on our Marketplace here

Changed or no longer supported Features and Platforms

  • UEM Agent older than version 2003.x are not supported with protocol http(s) anymore.
  • The SubDepot package no longer sets the null session shares.
  • Due to performance optimizations of the PXE service, the following behavior has changed when booting computer objects known in Empirum. If the checkbox "PXE capable" is not set when creating a computer object, the checkbox is NOT automatically set when booting the client from v21.0!
  • Since Empirum version 22.0.1, the Empirum Automation Interface - EAI - no longer supports the reading of XML files.
  • Since Empirum version 23.0.1 and WinPE 1.9.1 the reading of drivers.ini file is no longer supported

Discontinuations for Version v24.0 Update 1

  • Nothing

Scheduled discontinuations for Version V25 and above

  • Sync templates are on maintenance starting with v23.0 Update 3 and will be discontinued starting with V25.0.
  • The command line option /DIFF in Empirum Inventory is set to maintenance mode and will be discontinued with V25.0.

Preliminary actions before installation

When you are downloading a Matrix42 hotfix or patch, the downloaded file may have a 'Zone.Identifier' information attached (depending on your browsers security configuration).
Please remove this 'Zone.Identifier', otherwise some problems with these files can occur (files are not loading correctly or are blocked in the properties after downloading and must be unblocked manually):

  1. Right-click the blocked file, and then click Properties.
  2. In the "General - Security" tab, click "Unblock".

To avoid the 'Zone.Identifier' in future please add the address '' as a 'trusted zone' in the Internet Explorer.

Installation Steps

  1. Log on to the Matrix42 Empirum Master Server using an administrative account.
  2. Make sure, that a backup of your location database and your installation directory (e.g. D:\Empirum) does exist.
  3. Copy the Matrix42_Empirum_24.0.1.iso to a temporary folder of the Empirum Master Server.
  4. Run the Autorun.exe with elevated rights (Run as administrator).
  5. If the system requires a reboot, please reboot.

All necessary Empirum Services on the Master Server will be uninstalled during the installation.

Post-installation Steps

Due to changes on variables all INI files are rewritten. The hashes of the Matrix42 software packages will be recreated. Depending on the number of objects, this may take some time.

  1. Check whether there is already an Empirum Hotfix Installer and install it if necessary. You can find this information here

  2. Start Empirum DBUtil and logon to EmpLocation and your location database.
    Confirm the location table structure update.
  3. Update your location DB using the Update Tables action.
  4. Select the services (except PXE/TFTP, DeviceDiscovery) which are required for your installation and then click Install.
  5. Now install the services PXE/TFTP, DeviceDiscovery (if used) on the master server.
  6. Reinstall the DeviceDiscovery service on all Empirum depot servers (if used).
  7. If the Empirum ServiceBus service is used and installed, you must now reinstall it again.
  8. On the Empirum Server run EMC > Configuration > Software Management > Depot > Tools > Check Versions to apply the changes of updated package properties (Personal Backup and Patch Management).
  9. Reinstall the Empirum Subdepot package and Empirum Subdepot PXE services (if used) on existing Empirum depot servers. You can use the Subdepot PXE Service package instead of updating the services via DBUtil manually.
  10. Reinstall the Empirum package Empirum Management Console 23.0 (EMC) on all affected computers. The EMC will be updated on your Empirum master server automatically during the update.

ODBC Driver Update to "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server" is only necessary when using Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2017:
ODBC Driver Update to "ODBC Driver for SQL Server" is only necessary when using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 / 2022:
An overview of all ODBC driver can be found here

Matrix42 Empirum v24.0 Directory Structure (not relevant for Cloud Customers)

The following files are stored with the extension *.old:
Post-command for OS-Installation:

  • Configurator\User\UEMAgent.bat          → Configurator\User\UEMAgent.old

If you have made adjustments in the original batch files, transfer them to the *.bat file. Then delete the *.old file.
If you have not made any adjustmentsdelete the *.old file.

If you have already saved a UEMAgent.old file, it will be automatically deleted and a new copy of the existing UEMAgent.bat will be created!

During the update, the content of the directorys

  • C:\Empirum\Manual is moved to Manual_Backup.
  • C:\Empirum\Configurator\PrePackages is moved to PrePackages.old.

If you have not made any adjustments to the original directories, you can delete the _Backup or .old directories.

Check if the Inv_scan_XML.bat file was manually updated and does not use an older version of Empirum Inventory.

Updated Software Packages

The following Empirum software packages are updated but are not assigned a new version number. You need to update (reinstall) the following packages:

Infrastructure Packages:

  • Empirum Subdepot 24.0
  • Empirum Subdepot PXE Service 24.0
  • UEM Depot Sync 2.2

Client Packages:

  • Empirum Management Console 24.0
  • Empirum Inventory 24.0
  • Empirum Packaging Center 24.0
  • Empirum Web Console 24.0
  • Matrix42 Patch-Management Client Scan 24.0
  • Matrix42 Patch-Management Client Fix 24.0
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