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Depot Helper Service - HTTP(S)

The Depot Helper service monitors multiple folders including subfolders and files for changes and can only be installed on the master. In each monitored folder a file "_Matrix42FileInfo.json" is created, which can be used to get the contents of the folder listed quickly and efficiently.

The service is installed by default under "C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Depot Helper Service" and stores its log files under "C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Logs\Depot Helper Service".

Monitored folders

  • "Empirum\Configurator\User" - used by the UEM agent during each synchronization.
  • "Empirum\Configurator\Packages\PatchManagement" - used by UEM Depot Management at each synchronization of patches (since v21 Update 1).

Exclude folders and files

In the file "C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Depot Helper Service\Matrix42.Empirum.SWM.DepotHelper.Service.exe.config" there is a section <applicationSettings> where folders and files to be excluded can be listed. An example is provided in each case:

    <setting name="BlacklistedFiles" serializeAs="Xml">
        <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi=""
          <string>example for blacklisted file\example.txt</string>
    <setting name="BlacklistedFolders" serializeAs="Xml">
        <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi=""

For folders and files applies:

  • Any number of entries can be added, i.e. "<string>...</string>".
  • Lower and upper case is not checked
  • Wildcards are not supported
  • Entries refer to absolute file paths, so can also be relative. For example
    • "Thumbs.db" for all "Thumbs.db" in any folder
    • "C:\Empirum\Configurator\User\Thumbs.db" for the "Thumbs.db" in "C:\Empirum\Configurator\User".

For files applies:

  • File path must exactly match entry or
  • File path must end with entry

For folders applies:

  • File path must be exactly the same as entry or
  • File path must contain entry as folder, for example "foo\bar" matches "c:\temp_foo\bar\test.txt" but not "c:\temp_foo\bar\test.txt".


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