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Depot Helper Service - HTTP(S)

The Depot Helper Service monitors the folder "Empirum\Configurator\User" together with the subfolders and files for changes and can be installed on the master and depot. The file "_Matrix42FileInfo.json" created here is used by the UEM agent to determine the files to be synchronized during transport with HTTP(S). With every change under "Empirum\Configurator\User" the file is rewritten and used by the UEM agent during the next synchronization.

The service is installed by default under "C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Depot Helper Service" and puts its log files under "C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Logs\Depot Helper Service".

Exclude folders and files

In the file "C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Depot Helper Service\Matrix42.Empirum.SWM.DepotHelper.Service.exe.config" there is a section <applicationSettings> where folders and files to be excluded can be listed. An example is provided in each case:

    <setting name="BlacklistedFiles" serializeAs="Xml">
        <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi=""
          <string>example for blacklisted file\example.txt</string>
    <setting name="BlacklistedFolders" serializeAs="Xml">
        <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi=""

For folders and files applies:

  • Any number of entries can be added, i.e. "<string>...</string>".
  • Lower and upper case is not checked
  • Wildcards are not supported
  • Entries refer to absolute file paths, so can also be relative. For example
    • "Thumbs.db" for all "Thumbs.db" in any folder
    • "C:\Empirum\Configurator\User\Thumbs.db" for the "Thumbs.db" in "C:\Empirum\Configurator\User".

For files applies:

  • File path must exactly match entry or
  • File path must end with entry

For folders applies:

  • File path must be exactly the same as entry or
  • File path must contain entry as folder, for example "foo\bar" matches "c:\temp_foo\bar\test.txt" but not "c:\temp_foo\bar\test.txt".


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