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Encrypted https connection HowTo


This document describes how to establish and test an encrypted https connection with the Matrix42 Empirum SDK.


  • Matrix42 Empirum SDK (v1.13.x or later)
  • Empirum-API service (v17.0.3 or later)
  • Official or self-signed certificate (*.pfx)

Create a self-signed certificate (Sample)

$cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -DnsName <FQDN of Empirum Server> -CertStoreLocation cert:\LocalMachine\My

Setup steps (Server-side)

Import of the certificate

Run Certlm.msc (Local Machine Certificate) or use the MMC.exe to get access to the certificate snap-in.

  • Import the PFX certificate in the Personal Certificate Store.
  • Only for self-signed certificates: Import the PFX certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store.
  • Run Empirum DBUtil, select the Empirum-API service and choose Select Certificate to select the previous imported certificate. Click OK and then Apply.
  • After configuration, the Empirum API service must be reinstalled via the context menu.

Setup steps (Client-side)

Install the Matrix42 SDK MSI (e.g., Matrix42_Empirum SDK _x.x.x.x_x64.msi).

Test the https connection with PowerShell

  • Run a PowerShell ISE Editor as Administrator and copy and paste the following lines into the window:
    Set ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
    $EncryptedPassword="<AES256 encrypted password>"
    $ServerName="<FQDN of Empirum Server>"
    $session = Open-Matrix42ServiceConnection `
                -ServerName $ServerName `
                -Port $Port `
                -UserName $UserName `
                -EncryptedPassword $EncryptedPassword `
                -IsSecured $true
  • Replace the variables $ServerName and $UserName with your values.
  • Execute the complete script to test the connection.
    If the connection can be established, you will get a response like in the following screenshot otherwise you will get an error message.


Q: I got the following error message:
Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority '<Server>:9200'.
A: Please use the FQDN name for the Empirum Server.


Q: I got the following error message:
Open-Matrix42ServiceConnection: Log files can be found in the directory: '%Temp%\Matrix42 SDK'. Cannot create Session object. Invalid URI: Invalid port specified.
A: Please make sure that the used port is the correct one.


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