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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center


The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager is an extension to the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Microsoft SCCM to add the following functionality for large enterprises:

  • Enhanced package administration: An order of software to be distributed is specified, as is the behavior in case an error occurs and the patch used for package distribution.
  • Rollout can be planned: Specify a test group or which computers are excluded from the rollout. The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager ensures that the package is installed from the nearest server.
  • Delegation of tasks: Use the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager to delegate tasks to employees and to set up task processing centrally. Employees can only view the sections of the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for which they have been granted permissions accordingly.
  • Improved user interaction: Users can use the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent to schedule software installation jobs on the client.
  • The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager can not only be used to install software, but also user accounts and registry keys.
  • Workflow support, for instance, through e-mail alerts to inform about events.
  • Push rollout for faster availability of software on the client within no time. The EM Agent scans the network address of the clients cyclically; in case the IP address of a client has changed, the EM Agent sends the new address to the EM Server which stores it in the database. If a push rollout is requested, the EM Server tries to reach a client through the IP addresses stored in the database. The client sends the data to the EM Agent, which performs the requested actions. Using the IP addresses ensures that the clients, especially laptops, can be reached immediately after the IP address has been changed, for instance, when switching from WLAN to LAN.


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