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Action: Start/ Stop Process

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


"Start/ Stop Process" is one of many actions that can be used in the Enterprise Manager to modify a sequence, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

If the "Start/ Stop Process" action is selected, the following window is displayed with additional configuration options with various alternatives to share information.

The window is divided into several sections: Mode, Processes, Mode and Wait option.


Two Mode options are available: "Start process" and "Kill process".


The "Processes" window addresses two elements: The "Process name" specifies the process to be started or stopped; it can be entered as fixed value or as variable. "Arguments" provides the option to specify additional parameters for the process, again either as fixed values or as variables.


Again, two elements can be specified. For the display mode, you can either select the option to start the process invisible or visible for the user.

Related rights to be selected are to start the process within the system context or to start the process within the user session.


The "Wait" configuration defines the waiting behavior of the agent while the process is being started or stopped.

"Wait for End" specifies the agent's behavior for the complete sequence: either wait with additional tasks until this process has ended or continue the action directly after the process has been started.

You can also specify a maximum runtime for this process, either infinite or a defined runtime between 1 - 24 hours.

If you have defined before that a process shall be killed, all other sections will be grayed out.

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