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"Continue on Error" rollout plans

This documentation describes the feature "Continue on Error" in rollout plans and the general changes in the entire product.

With the implementation of the feature with version 20.0.1, the EM-Agent now knows not only the rollout plan, but every single sequence. In addition, a rollout plan can be defined for each sequence to determine whether to continue in case of an error.

If you want to create a new rollout plan or add new sequences to an existing rollout plan, the "error handling" must be defined for each sequence.

Error Handling.JPG

This also changes the status monitoring for each EM order.


Every sequence with every action and the corresponding error handling is now visible in the status monitoring.

A sequence is interpreted as successful if the action fails, but the error handling allows to continue.

After the update to 20.0.1, all sequences in existing rollout plans will be processed with the standard error handling (error = error of the job)!

Additional EM rollout plans in an OSD order are processed without error handling

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